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Media Connection

:gayrn :music :gayrn :music :gayrn

As I've had numerous requests for a video format I've created and combined all the past years requests into 1 forum. This will be the catch all for whatever else. We are still working out how to do the YouTube direct and will keep you posted on the progress. I've just opened this and if you have issues PM myself or Akes69 for resolution.

 :gayrn :music :gayrn :music :gayrn

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Re: Media Connection

Hi "Mayor,"

I'm really glad to see you have added a video section to the site! I especially like that one of [sign in to see URL] to me and very hot. The YouTube links seem to work just fine.

Would it be worth a "sticky" in the announcement section, informing viewers of this new section and encouraging them to post to it?
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